Our Studio

Specializing in audio production. From demo recording to fully produced platinum selling records. Our promise is that you will be absolutely satisfied with our product.

Our Gear

Our gear list is stocked and ready for the sonic needs of our clientele. We have a range of microphones in our locker covering the classic tones of pop hits and favorite albums; industry standards and classics (such as AKG 414s, an array of Shure products, and Avatone c12, Telefunken m80s, m81s, m82s, and even a AK-477 which was number 11/12 made in a very exclusive run made with the classic M7 mic capsule.), to boutique microphone concepts and recreations like Warm Audio 47 Juniors, WA-87s, WA-84s, WA-251); we have the broad range of tools to capture what makes YOU sound like YOU! Are you a piano player? Our baby grand made by the Cable Company 100 years ago sits in a tempered room with wood floors and tall, beamed ceilings. We have a variety of other keyboards (like our Nord Electro6d), and a variety of analog and digital synthesizers. We love artists who want to use the gear that they feel best and sound the best with. Some drummers love their own kit, but we have a vintage Ludwig kit from 1971might be the secret your record needs. At Sohno Studios, you have access to a range of classic guitars from the likes of Gibson and Fender, and an array of amps from Fender, Marshall Orange, and more! Have the songs, and need some helping hands? Sohno Studios can help bring some of Connecticut’s most talented musicians on your project.